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Cybert MD, an Infoprenuer and Consultant in line with all things Life. Please feel free to contact me for services and Solutions.  For general / consultation / work / booking inquiries please get in touch…


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Music is Life

Say NO To Abuse

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Music is Life

Treby Munya is passionate about development, his main goal is to help people develop their lives and their environment. Follow @trebymunya on all social...

Say NO To Abuse

Enough is Enough, say NO To Abuse...


Not having a domain does not make you less professional. Your .com domain does not guarantee that you do your work efficiently and effectively....

Product Placement

Subtly promote your products through video appearances....

Climate Change

Climate Change and Global Warming are a result of increase in Carbon Dioxide. What is the new Atmosphere Composition???...


How The Tyranny of Specialists Fragment African Cities...

Hit the Gym

Exercising is good for health and well-being, any form of exercise will help improve oneself. Working out at home or at the gym is...

CADigital City

Cybert MD is a Creative Director at CADigital City offering Corporate Training, Architectural Visualization & Digital Branding. CADigital City services include Corporate Education (Digital Literacy Seminars and...

Treby Munya

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters #ShootingShotsSeason  #Chamukainyama  For general / consultation / work / booking inquiries please get in touch…

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